Wie überlebe ich meinen ersten Kuss?

Theater Strahl Berlin. Directed by Betty Hensel. 2011.

  • ©JoergMetzner

“Wie überlebe ich meinen ersten Kuss” is a theatrical performance for young audiences, ages 12 – 16. The original play by the Dutch playwright Francine Oomen also included a number of songs by Bas Odijk. I arranged the original band-scores into electronic live music, changing and adding quite a lot as well as composing a couple of additional titles.


Premiere: June 7th 2011
Director: Betty Hensel
Set Design: Daniele Drobny
Costume Design: Laura Burkhardt
Music: Johannes Birlinger
Lighting Design: Arne Schmitt
Video: Jennifer Kuntscher
Dramaturgy: Oliver Kahrs
Assistant Director: Anna Vera Kelle


Kristin Becker
Christian Giese
Franz Lenski
Andreas Schwankl
Anna Trageser
Yvonne Yung Hee Bormann