National Theatre Helsinki. By Joel Texeira Neves & Working Group. 2022

  • Photo by Tuomo Manninen

„GÄNG ‒ a guided city tour“ is a performance and audio walk that looks at young people’s experiences of urban space and their relationship to society. The material of the work has been produced in cooperation with the Youth Research Society by interviewing young people aged 13–25. The performers of Kantti, the youth theater group within the Finnish National Theater, will lead you on a unique trip through the center of Helsinki.

Train Station (excerpt)
Kikki Hiiri
In The Tunnel (excerpt) – with texts by Kielo Varjola, and Greeta Grönroos
“Ajatuksia puutarhassa” – lyrics and vocals by Stella Massa

 Joel Texeira Neves
Sound design and music: Johannes Birlinger
Stage, lighting design and costumes: Saana Volanen
Production assistant, workshops : Satu Linnapuomi
Performers: Oona Emilia Enkelsaari, Greta Grönroos, Anni Happonen, Kari Huotari, Valtteri Luukkonen,
Mira Martikainen, Stella Massa, Angelika Provalskaja, Roosa Tuutti, Kielo Varjola, Lotta Zitting