Wir Zwei

Theater Der Jungen Welt Leipzig. 2024.

  • photo by Ida Zenner

Leo thinks it’s best to leave everything as it is. Father Tobi, the two of them as a dream team and their house full of stuffed-but-somehow-also-living animals. Here the two have enough time for games, nonsense, and animal documentaries. Until Tobi suddenly changes, sings cheesy songs and has “dates”. with Rudi, a soft rock singer who used to be kind of famous. Rudi is suddenly invited to dinner, allowed to join their conversations and games, because Tobi is super in love with him – and overwhelmed. And even though there’s three of them, Leo suddenly feels much lonelier. When they are about to move to Rudi’s, Leo has had enough. Who gets to decide what should change around here? During secret visits to their old house, Leo meets someone very special. A child who blinks, has a huge heart and helps Leo deal with her troubles.

In WIR ZWEI, author Fayer Koch talks about the longing to be seen and loved – from both the child and parent perspective. The touching, funny story was awarded the 2nd Baden-Württemberg Youth Theater Prize 2022 and was discussed as a “clever, surprising and charming text” that “offers sophisticated children’s and youth theater an outstanding template.”

Die Rose (“I Want To Know What Love Is”, Music by Mick Jones, Lyrics by Fayer Koch. Vocals: Martin Klemm)


Directed by: Alice Bogaerts
Set and costume design, Video: Bettina Weller
Sound design and music: Johannes Birlinger
Dramaturgy: Justus Rothlaender
Theatre education: Catharina Guth

Martin Klemm
Millie Vikanis
Kevin Körber
Anke Stoppa