Wer Werden

Staatstheater Mainz. By Hannah Biedermann & Ensemble. 2020.

  • Photo by Andreas Etten

In this research-based performance about questions of personal future, professions, identity, I worked with 4 tape recorders on stage. The sound design was the result of a meticulous choreography of playing back different tapes by the performers. On the tapes were pieces of music relevant to themselves but also edits of interviews with children and other experts as well as composed sound design and music by myself.

Deformation (using various text-snippets from youtube videos)

Perfect Family

Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf. By Hannah Biedermann & Ensemble. 2019.

  • Photo by Thomas Rabsch

“Perfect Family — Eine Glücksforschung von Menschen mit Behinderung.”
By Hannah Biedermann und Ensemble. Premiere 2019. Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf. Music and Sounddesign: Johannes Birlinger.

Alberts Tango
Allein und frei
Größe: 1,49
Ronsdorfer Straße

My Money My

Ballhaus Ost Berlin. Kompanie Kopfstand. 2016.

An interactive performance about money, being rich, being poor, injustice and fun. Created by Kompanie Kopfstand, based on extensive research including three workshops with young people.


Trau Dich

Kompanie Kopfstand. On tour since 2013. Germany wide.

“Trau Dich” has been commissioned by the German ministry for family, health and social as part of a campaign to prevent sexual abuse on children. After a long research period that involved children as experts, the play premiered in March 2013 in the Renaissance Theatre Berlin. It has been on tour through theatres nation wide ever since, reaching more than 250.000 children. We have additionally given a lot of talks and presentations around applied theatre in general as well as art and child-protection specifically.


A “Kompanie Kopfstand” Production • Directors: Annina Giordano & Christopher Gottwald • Text: Tina Müller • Video: Sonya Schönberger • Stage Design: Michael Ottopal • Music: Johannes Birlinger • Theatre Pedagogue: Charlotte Baumgart • Performers: Julia Bihl, Lisa Scheibner, Julian Hackenberg, Johannes Birlinger, Charlotte Baumgart, Johanna Malchow, Helge Gutbrot, Marcus Thomas, Adrienn Baszo • Technical Crew: Michael Ottopal, Denise Potratz, Tobias Nöthen, Lasse Schwank

Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts.

Staatstheater Dresden. Directed by Jan Gehler. 2012.

  • Photo by Matthias Horn


Director: Jan Gehler • Stage Design: Sabrina Rox • Costume Design: Cornelia Kahlert • Music: Johannes Birlinger • Dramaturgy: Luise Mundhenke • Lighting Design: Andreas Rösler • Performers: benjamin Pauquet, Karina Plachetka, Antje Trautmann, Benjamin Höppner, Stefko Hanushevsky • Based on Joseph von Eichendorff’s Novella “Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts”


Theater Strahl Berlin. 2012.

photo by joerg metzner


Director and text: Günter Jankowiak / freely adapted from G. E. Lessings „Nathan der Weise”. Assistant director: Janina Reinsbach. Stage and costume design: Daniele Drobny. Music: Johannes Birlinger.Theatre pedagogue: Ann-Marleen Stöckert. Performers: Beate Fischer, Andreas Schwankl, Natascha Manthe, Oliver Moritz, Liane Steinnagel, Justus Verdenhalven

Curd Manisch
Nathan 1
Schlaflied für Recha