Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts.

Staatstheater Dresden. Directed by Jan Gehler. 2012.

  • Photo by Matthias Horn


Director: Jan Gehler • Stage Design: Sabrina Rox • Costume Design: Cornelia Kahlert • Music: Johannes Birlinger • Dramaturgy: Luise Mundhenke • Lighting Design: Andreas Rösler • Performers: benjamin Pauquet, Karina Plachetka, Antje Trautmann, Benjamin Höppner, Stefko Hanushevsky • Based on Joseph von Eichendorff’s Novella “Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts”


Theater Strahl Berlin. 2012.

photo by joerg metzner


Director and text: Günter Jankowiak / freely adapted from G. E. Lessings „Nathan der Weise”. Assistant director: Janina Reinsbach. Stage and costume design: Daniele Drobny. Music: Johannes Birlinger.Theatre pedagogue: Ann-Marleen Stöckert. Performers: Beate Fischer, Andreas Schwankl, Natascha Manthe, Oliver Moritz, Liane Steinnagel, Justus Verdenhalven

Curd Manisch
Nathan 1
Schlaflied für Recha

52,3º Nord

Kompanie Kopfstand (Zürich)/Theater Strahl. (Berlin)/Theater Duisburg. 2011.

  • Photo by Joerg Metzner

What does it mean to feel strange in your own home town? When did you the last time feel like the ground underneath you feet is giving way? Two performers investigate strangeness together with the audience in this interactive multi media performance. Music by me and Thomas Seher.

52,3º Nord – Einlass

Wie überlebe ich meinen ersten Kuss?

Theater Strahl Berlin. Directed by Betty Hensel. 2011.

  • ©JoergMetzner

“Wie überlebe ich meinen ersten Kuss” is a theatrical performance for young audiences, ages 12 – 16. The original play by the Dutch playwright Francine Oomen also included a number of songs by Bas Odijk. I arranged the original band-scores into electronic live music, changing and adding quite a lot as well as composing a couple of additional titles.


Premiere: June 7th 2011
Director: Betty Hensel
Set Design: Daniele Drobny
Costume Design: Laura Burkhardt
Music: Johannes Birlinger
Lighting Design: Arne Schmitt
Video: Jennifer Kuntscher
Dramaturgy: Oliver Kahrs
Assistant Director: Anna Vera Kelle


Kristin Becker
Christian Giese
Franz Lenski
Andreas Schwankl
Anna Trageser
Yvonne Yung Hee Bormann