Madhouse. Helsinki. 2020.

  • Photo by Venla Helenius

This performance-essay about parks was conceived by Venla Helenius and Milka Luhtaniemi. The sound design consisted of a 8.1 surround arrangement, the base being recordings of spoken word, both in Finnish and English. Additionally, I worked with live loops of Livia Schweizer’s flute playing. The material for the composed parts of the sound design also consists mainly of sampled flute sounds. We were happy to use Tatu Nenonen’s self-built subwoofer (which also served as part of the set design with a summer-meadow growing on top of it).

An edit of the ending of Tyyntyimen. This piece is originally 12 minutes long. During most of it the space is empty of the performers.

Concept, texts, performing, spatial design: Venla Helenius and Milka Luhtaniemi
Lighting design and spatial design: Sofia Palillo
Sound design and composition: Johannes Birlinger
Flutist and improvisation: Livia Schweizer
Voice over: Aino Lintunen
English translation: Eve Lahikainen